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IOL Calculator

9.99 usd

The most comprehensive intraocular lens (IOL) Calculator on the market. Calculating methods include Hoffer Q, Holladay I, SRK/T, Haigis and Binkhorst II.This convenient and portable app is designed to aide in finding the proper lens for cataract surgery. A way to check your lens choices in the operating room, help choose lenses to order for surgery or get quick detailed information about the most common lenses on the market.
Formulas currently include Hoffer Q, Holladay I, SRK/T, Haigis and Binkhorst II as well as formulas for post-RK and post-Lasik Double K and Shammas.
Included features: - Ability to add custom lenses. - Ability to modify the A-constant, ACD and Surgeon Factor for all lenses for optimization. - Ability to create a secured or non-secure pdf for patient records that can be printed via google cloud print or emailed with password protection. - Database of over 70 lens choices from Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, AMO and Staar. - Gestures used to flip between screens. - New licensing structure. - Detailed information about every lens and method available. - Lens powers calculated to aide in choosing the proper lens. - Secure personal information for printing patient records. - Support for custom lens powers and stepping